Video: Wirelessly charging your iPhone 5s over a distance is nearly here

something that i love!!!!


Charging gadgets wirelessly today generally uses one of two technologies: Magnetic induction or magnetic resonance. Consumers likely don’t care which is used but resonance lets you charge a device over distance while induction alone doesn’t. And that’s appealing because you don’t have to precisely line up a phone or tablet on a charging pad to recharge the device.

What if you could just place your phone near a charging pad instead? That’s the idea behind WiTricity’s technology said the company’s President and CEO, Eric Giler during a conversation on Thursday at the CES. This video demonstration shows how the system works by placing gadgets on or even nearby a pad equipped with magnetic resonance coils:

I’ve seen magnetic resonance solutions before but I hadn’t seen how a wireless power repeater works. It could allow you to place a wired charging pad under a nightstand, for example, and have a wireless…

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